Dou you know Nicolas Darvas?

Nicolas Darvas was an hungarian dancer who managed it to make 2,450,000.00 $ in only 18 months. He is the founder of the so called “Darvas Box”, which you trade, when price breaks through. Nicolas Darvas was one of the momentum traders with a trend following system. I really recommend you this book because it is one of the best written books for learn how to trade with clear rules and a strategy and it even entertains you with a good story of Nicolas Darvas.

Why is this book interesting for you? In the early and mid 20th century Darvas was only able to trade based on daily charts, which he found in a magazine. This makes the strategy suitable for every person who is employed and wants to trade for an additional income.

Here you can get the book:

I read it and I can recommend it to everyone who seriously thinks about trading stocks.

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